Feb 6, 2013

Three Questions For You To Consider

#1 - Do you believe God has a purpose for your life...but have NO idea what it is?  

#2 - Do you find yourself bored often and wishing that life had more to offer?  

#3 - Are you doing anything right now that is actually going to matter in 100 years?  

This coming Sunday we begin a brand new series entitled, "Don't Waste Your Life" and will be diving into issues such as...

  • Does God really want to bless me?
  • What is a spiritual gift and do I have one?  
  • If God has called me to do something then that means I am going to hate it, right?  
  • I don't really feel like I'm good at anything...so could I really make a difference?  

I'm telling you...it's going to be THE BEST EVER and I can't WAIT for it to get started!  

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