Jan 17, 2017

The ONE Thing That Makes QT The Greatest Convenience Store In The World!

“Leaders who make excuses rarely make a difference.”  Perry Noble  

Several years ago I was with a group of friends when one of them announced there was a new convenience store coming to town.  

“What’s the name of it,” I asked.  

“Quick Trip,” they replied.  

Not making this up  - one of the girls screamed, “OH MY GOD!”  When she did I began looking around, thinking something was wrong until she continued…

“…QT is the most amazing convenience store in the world,” she continued.  

Personally, I had never used the words “amazing” and “convenience store” in the same sentence, so I asked her what made it so.  

Big mistake as she talked non-stop for 10 minutes.  

Several months went by and I forgot all about that particular conversation until the QT that had been talked about had actually been built and was open for business.  I needed to get some gas, pick up a bottled water and use the facilities—and so I pulled into QT to see what all the hype had been about.  

SHE WAS RIGHT - QT is, hands down, the most amazing convenience store I’ve ever been to.  (They had slushies and pizza and milk shakes!!!)   

If I had to put my finger on ONE THING that causes them to stand out it would be this…

They Obviously Do Not Accept Status Quo For Their Industry.  

Prior to QT hardly any of us had EVER had a positive convenience store experience.  The prices were too high, the people who worked there were rude and the restrooms had not been cleaned since the Reagan Administration.  

Because of our experiences we had come to expect the same ‘ole same ‘ole from every convenient store we visited…

And then QT came along and BLEW THE STANDARD out of the water.  

They obviously place a value on their stores being clean…as I’ve NEVER been to one that was dirty.  

They obviously place a value on hiring great people and training them…as the people who work there actually possess a personality and can make change!  

They obviously place a value on things being organized as their shelves do not make it appear as if a category 5 hurricane came through and destroyed everything  

They obviously care about their customers!  

They took every obstacle convenience store owners had been complaining about for years—and instead of seeing them as obstacles saw them as opportunities to make something great and to exceed the expectations of their customers rather than aiming for the lowest common denominator.  

They are proof that some people make excuses—and those that do seldom make a difference.  

(At The Growth Company we believe your church or business would LOVE to make a difference rather than making excuses, and would partner with you to help you discover how.  Contact us at www.iwantmychurchtogrow.com or www.iwantmybusinesstogrow.com and let’s chat about how we can best serve your needs.)   

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