Ten Questions I Am Often Asked:

Sep 10, 2014

#1 – Why Did You Start NewSpring Church

As I began to survey church culture I began to understand that church was pretty much done FOR churched people; however, the majority of the population in America was unchurched. 

I wanted to create a place where an unchurched person could meet Christ and eventually begin to reach out to their unchurched friends. 

That type of environment does not happen accidentally or even just prayerfully, but rather intentionally. 

#2 – Is NewSpring Church affiliated with a denomination? 

Yes, we are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. 

The South Carolina Baptist Convention gave our church $20,000 over the first two years (came in monthly contributions) in order to assist with our expenses. 

In 2008, NewSpring Church gave the South Carolina Baptist Convention a check for $25,000 to say “thank you” for investing in us...and to allow them to invest in others. 

#3 – If NewSpring is Baptist then why are we not “NewSpring Baptist Church?” 

Because...denominational loyalty is at an all time low. AND, Jesus did not die for denominations, He died for the church

#4 – Are you ordained? 

Yes, after appearing before an ordination council of the Saluda Baptist Association and approved unanimously I was ordained into the ministry by North Anderson Baptist Church on May 28, 1995. 

#5 – Did you go to seminary?

Yes, I attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and completed 30 hours towards my Masters of Divinity degree. However, because I saw that what I was learning in the classroom was not translating into my daily ministry, and because I simply could no longer afford to go, I dropped out after attending part time for three years. 

#6 – Do you ever worry when you talk about things such as not liking cats or being a Clemson fan that it will cause people not come back to church? 

I really do hate it when people do not like our church and decide not to come back or quit coming at all. Even though I know our church is not for everyone, I really wish it could be.

Saying that, I made a promise to the Lord when I began in ministry that I was always going to be real. I had seen too many plastic preachers who cater to everyone’s personal preferences...and in so doing eventually disappoint them and also live miserable lives. 

I’ve always tried to be the “what you see is what you get” guy. The things I say on stage would be the same things I would say to you face-to-face. 

#6 – What is your favorite series at NewSpring Church

The next one (because the best is yet to come)!!! 

#7 – Ok, really, what is your favorite one we’ve ever done in the past? 

It’s a tie between, “I Love The 80’s” (in 2010) and “I Love My Church” (this year)! 

#8 – Will we ever start campuses outside of South Carolina? 


Not sure when or how. We are on a mission to reach 100,000 in this state; however, once we see that happen we will take the next step in our vision...can’t wait to share with you what that is going to be! 

#9 – Are you really going to buy a Camaro one day? 

Yes!!! A REALLY fast one!!! 

#10 – What is your favorite restaurant? 

Overall: Fogo De Chao

In Anderson: Mama Penn's, Sullivan’s or Chick fil A