Ten Convictions I Have About The Church!

Dec 19, 2014

1 – Jesus never intended for the church to be a group of isolated, self righteous and angry people. In the past, the church spent so much time debating with people over social issues that we forgot to love people like Jesus told us to. We have to remember that we will reach way more people through conversation than condemnation. 

2 – If churches do not learn how to reach people on their mobile devices, we will soon not reach them at all. 

3 – It’s not a lack of prayer that is holding most churches back; it’s a lack of preparation. We need to prepare for messy people to actually show up and not ask them to leave because they do not have the appearance of perfection.  

4 – Churches that do not invest heavily in students and children will disappear in the next decade or so. 

5 – Seminary will become less and less relevant because most Christian educational institutions are focused on how to reach people in the 1970s. 

6 – There is not a one-size-fits-all discipleship model. Different people grow in different ways.

7 – The church's emphasis needs to be on STARTING to follow Jesus and not STOPPING the list of sins we single out.  

8 – The world would change in an unbelievable way if the church would attack the issue of obesity as relentlessly as it attacks the issue of homosexuality! (It would also be way more relevant to the church!)  

9 – Community is more important than reading the Bible. (The early church didn’t have the Bible for the first 300 years of Christianity…but they did have one another.) 

10 – Denominations will become increasingly more like the United Nations - a group of people that talks but does not act and issues meaningless statements and warnings.