Oct 29, 2006

Sunday Night Reflections

I am sitting here on my couch getting ready for bed…but before I take off I wanted to share a thought or two…

October is pastor’s appreciation month…and so many of you have sent a card or an e-mail encouraging me…and for that I wanted to say thanks, it means more than you know.

But today the way all of you at NewSpring Church blessed me by showing appreciation and also giving me a treadmill was incredible.

I was thinking on the way home tonight of a conversation I had with a friend a year or so ago.  He asked me, “So, Perry…what is your dream in life—what do you REALLY want to do more than anything else in the world?”

I thought for a second and then I nearly lost it…seriously, I almost started crying right there on the spot because I realized something…I was (and am still) living out my dream.  I am doing exactly what God has called me to do…and would not trade places with anyone on the planet.  I LOVE serving NewSpring Church!

Our church has seen an outstanding pattern of growth.  At the beginning of the year, before moving into the building, we were averaging around 4,000 people—and both last Sunday AND this Sunday we’ve had over 7,000.  (Today was 7,723!)  Please understand…this is NOT normal—it would not be normal in Chicago or LA…but ANDERSON!!!  This is GOD working and moving in an undeniable way!!!

You can download the message here if you would like…the message was about sex…the good and the bad aspects.  WARNING…as I say in the message…if you are from a churched background you will probably find this message offensive because I say what people need to hear and not what people wish I would say!!!  Don’t say you were not warned!

(Sure, we’ve been accused of being an “entertaining church,” which is actually a compliment.  I would much rather entertain people that bore them…just being honest!)  :-)

God is awesome…and is doing amazing things…but let me say that there is NO WAY this could be happening if it were not for the incredible staff that He has put into place…AND for the volunteers that literally make the Sunday experience happen!  THANK YOU!!!  People are meeting Jesus and being forever changed because of all that you do!!!

I am blessed…blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I love this place!!!

A few more things before I close out…

DON’T FORGET THIS WEDNESDAY!!!  It’s the First Wednesday service at 6:30…Lee & the band will be back…and it will be off the hook.

Props to the men who wore pink to show support for the ladies who have fought breast cancer.  You can check out the pictures here from the first service, the second, and the third.

I have some more thoughts from the Willow Creek conference I attended in Chicago—but I am too tired to write about them right now.  That’s about it—I am tired!!!  :-)

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