Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections

Oct 21, 2007

It’s been a great weekend—here are a few thoughts before I hit the hay…(pictures included!)

  • Today was the first message I have ever taught on the subject of parenting…and I did so with fear and trembling.  However, I felt the message was VERY well received and I could tell the Lord was REALLY dealing with us.  Preaching the message four times was incredibly convicting…I’ve only been a parent for four months and there is so much I’ve got to work on!!!
  • I spoke with a single lady today and she said she is PUMPED about this series—I love the fact that we have so many college students and singles coming to our church—and that they are READY to hear what God has to say on this subject.
  • The music was off the hook today…especially in the 6:45 service…that extended worship time is GREAT!
  • This coming Sunday, I believe, has the possibility of being one of the most powerful services we have ever experienced at NewSpring Church.  I CAN’T WAIT!
  • We began the initial planning meetings for our Christmas services this past week—I am loving the direction this is heading.
  • Pledges for Gametime keep coming in…a guy from Texas e-mailed the other day asking how he can be involved…and made a pretty substantial pledge because he wanted to be a part of what God is doing here at NewSpring.  THAT BLEW MY MIND!
  • I seriously LOVE this church, from day one NewSpring has NOT placed unrealistic expectations on me as a pastor, thus allowing me to focus on my marriage and here lately, my daughter.  This means a lot to me because most of you know how the pastor’s kids turn out.  (Usually because they hang out with the deacons kids!!!)  My wife and daughter are BEAUTIFUL!!!
  • By the way…the people who show up at NewSpring expecting the pastor to do it all…they usually don’t stay very long.  I’ve always told the church that they can be replaced—Lucretia and Charisse can’t!  And I refuse to sacrifice my family on the ministry alter.  (Be sure to see Wednesday’s post that deals with this.)
  • Clemson won, USC lost—TO VANDY!!!  Seriously—Vanderbilt!  What the heck is THAT?  Number six in the nation…AND VANDERBILT!  You guys actually had me believing that the chickens were for real!  :-)
  • I had lunch at P.F. Changs on Friday.  AHHHHHH!  I will probably do a separate post on this in the future, but…that was some of the BEST FOOD I have ever stuck in my mouth!
  • Afterwards I went to the Stone Cold Creamery and had sweet cream ice cream with two huge “slabs” of chocolate chip cookie dough and some white chocolate chips…that made me very happy.  AND I believe in heaven we will be able to consume large amounts of ice cream because it will contain NO CALORIES!
  • I killed ANOTHER spider on Friday…it was hanging over my garage door and I knew that if I didn’t slay this creature of death that it would somehow get into my car and bite me!!!  SO…I grabbed my CD case and swung at it at least four times…it nearly fell on me…Lucretia said that watching the whole thing was hilarious!
  • I am getting my eyes checked on Wednesday.  I would LOVE to have lasik done one day…Lee did and he LOVES IT.  BUT…I am as blind as a bat so it would have to be a pretty darn good surgeon!
  • We had over 1,400 children at church today—HOLY SMOKE!
  • My throat HURTS…it always does after taking a week off!

That’s about it for now—heading to put Charisse to bed…and then I am going to pass out!!!