Oct 10, 2010

Sunday Night Reflections

A few thoughts on a GREAT DAY at NewSpring Church…

  • Today we saw around 50 people surrender their lives to Christ…that NEVER gets old.
  • Brad Cooper, our student pastor, brought one of the best messages on “The Gospel” that I’ve ever heard!  (Main focus was I Corinthians 15:1-11)  It will be on our podcast on Tuesday and you should download it.
  • (FYI…Brad is THE BEST student pastor on the planet…I wrote a little bit about my thoughts on youth ministry in this post!)
  • Some quotes that I thought were powerful today were…
  • “The reason we can pray for the impossible is because Jesus has done the impossible!”
  • “Too many times when we hear the Gospel we automatically think, ‘I’ve heard that before.’  We’ve been desensitized to it.”
  • “You show off who is #1 in your life NOT on Sunday morning but rather how you live on Monday morning (or Friday night!)”
  • “Does your bank account and the way you spend your time say that Jesus is #1 in your life?”
  • “Making much of us making much of Jesus is self righteousness!”
  • “The reason we needed good news is because there was really bad news…a place called hell!”
  • “If you can be a spectator then grace is not in you because grace works!”
  • “The Gospel makes you a victor, not a victim!”
  • I really could go on and on about Brad’s message…but, like I said earlier…you should just download it or watch it online when it is available (usually around 12:00pm EST on Tuesday.)
  • To say that our church is excited about the beginning of our series entitled “Man Versus Wife” would be an understatement!
  • We’ve hit over 700,000 households (well over 1,000,000 people) in the state of South Carolina with a direct mail piece inviting them to this series…and we’ve asked every member/regular attender to go ALL OUT this week to get as many people to church as possible THIS Sunday!
  • Our Columbia campus is actually beginning a 6pm service this coming Sunday in order to provide more room for growth!!!
  • This is going to be THE BEST series on marriage we’ve EVER done…and not only are we anticipating God saving marriages during this time period…but we are REALLY anticipating HUNDREDS of salvations as the GOSPEL is going to be preached!
  • I just found out that there are already over 500 people signed up for Unleash!!!  We’ve NEVER had this many people sign up so early!!!  It’s going to sell out sooner that it ever has before!!  (Here is the sign up link) AND…
  • This year I am going to be hosting a private lunch for the 10 pastors who bring the most people with them…can’t WAIT for that!!!
  • In other news…EVERY sports team that I pulled for (with the exception of Florida State) lost this weekend!  :-(
  • And, thanks for all of you who prayed for the Catalyst Conference…it was an amazing experience…I am STILL overwhelmed by what God taught me through that experience…and SO thankful that He allowed me to participate!

Have a GREAT week!!!

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