Aug 8, 2010

Sunday Night Reflections…

WOW…just WOW!  Here are a few thoughts on a GREAT DAY at NewSpring Church…

  • We saw 45 people give their lives to Christ today…that NEVER GETS OLD!
  • Over 4,400 people signed up for the Evangelism seminar…WOW…more on that later!
  • “Nothing But A Good Time” by Poison MIGHT have been the best opening song ever!  :-)
  • “Amazing Grace” gets me EVERY TIME, especially the part when we sing, ”...that saved a wretch like me…”  I can’t believe how far I was away from God…and that He STILL saved me.  Blown away!  I’ve never gotten over the cross!
  • Today we began our “I Love the 80’s” series by teaching the first of our five brand new core values, “Found People Find People”  (Out of John 1:43-51)
  • Evangelism is simply one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.  (I didn’t come up with that statement, can’t remember where I heard it…think it may have been Dr. Alvin Reid.)
  • According to the Scriptures it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to say that they are a follower of Jesus Christ and not be concerned for the things that clearly concern Him.
  • Lost people matter to God; therefore, they should matter to HIS church!
  • The reason I fear that some people have no desire to tell others about Jesus is because they have never met Him…we can’t describe something we’ve never experienced.
  • WHEN did Jesus find you?  We didn’t find Him because…well, we were not looking for Him (See Romans 3:10-12) and…He was not the one that was LOST!
  • I think the church is one of the ripest mission fields in America…I fear that there are lots of people who are “in the church” but not in the Kingdom.  (See Matthew 7:21-23)
  • You know whether or not you’ve met Christ…so…when did you meet Him?
  • WHO is it that you know that needs Christ?  Remember NewSpring Church…August 29th, GET PEOPLE TO CHURCH as we will be going all out on that day to present the Gospel in a way that we will NEVER forget!
  • Found people find people!
  • How do we introduce our friends to Christ?  Simple…one way is to get them to church…but that is NOT the only way…the other is…
  • Do what I Peter 3:15 says…be READY to share out faith.  (I read recently that only around 3% of church members in America have ever led someone to Christ!)
  • So…THIS WEEK we as a church are going ALL OUT to make sure that we are equipped as individuals to share our faith…and…
  • I am so personally bought into this idea of “found people find people” that I am traveling to each campus this week to teach this seminar live…Greenville on Monday, Florence on Tuesday, Columbia on Wednesday and Anderson on Thursday!
  • As I said earlier…there are already over 4,400 people signed up…WOW!!!
  • AND…it’s not too late to sign up…here is the link, remember we will feed you dinner and take care of your kids…all you need to do is be there…I CAN’T WAIT!
  • We don’t change people…we introduce them to Jesus and HE changes them!
  • Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that we could establish a behavior modification program…but rather so we could declare His message to a world that is lost and hopeless without Him.
  • Next week…wow…already excited about it!
  • Charisse told me this afternoon that she likes NASCAR!  I don’t really know what to do with that!
  • And…I would ask you guys to keep me in your prayers as I will be traveling and teaching a lot this week.

That’s it for now…expecting HUGE things at every campus next week…asking each one of our members owners to pray like you’ve never prayed and invite like you’ve never invited…and lets do our best to take this state for Christ!  I love you NewSpring Church!

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