Sunday Night Reflections

Mar 11, 2007

Four things stood out to me today:

#1 - Ministry is A LOT sweeter when you enjoy who you serve with.  

Last Monday our creative guys met to discuss the service that needed to happen today.  There were musical changes…videos to be done…graphics to be designed…the message had to be constructed, along with a HOST of other things—and IT HAPPENED!

I say it all the time…our staff is THE BEST on the planet…BAR NONE!  I LOVE who I serve with…and I could not be MORE PROUD of the efforts that were put forth to make today happen!  I think it was a creative service…and there is NO DOUBT when people left that they knew what was being communicated—JESUS IS ALIVE!

#2 - I am more JACKED UP about youth ministry than ever before.  

Last year I was asked to be the “camp speaker” for our youth groups summer beach trip.  We went to Panama City…AND…I can say that it was one of THE TOP FIVE ministry events I have EVER participated in!

AND…I am going again this year—along with our band and several hundred other teens!  The dates for the camp are June 10th through the 14th…PARENTS, trust me…you don’t want you kids to miss this!  It is GOING TO ROCK!

ALSO…I announced today that we have outgrown our current youth facility…combine that with the fact that our lease is going to expire in May at the mall…and we need to find somewhere else for our teens to meet!

NO FEAR…we began looking about a month and a half ago…and have found a place and are going to begin renovations on it SOON!  (It should be done in May!)

AND…we are NOT going to take a special offering for it…NOR are we going to see those STUPID chocolate bars!!!  Our children and teenagers ALWAYS get the best…they DO NOT get leftovers at NewSpring.  We do not have to do any of these things because…

OUR CHURCH IS SO GENEROUS!  Thank you NewSpring for giving…because you give so consistently and generously we are able to just do what we need to do for our middle and high schoolers…and because of this I am convinced that THOUSANDS of teenagers ALL OVER Anderson County are going to come to Christ!

I am stoked about Panama City!!!

#3 - Unleash has been unleashed!  

Quick recap—we put this conference together in January—we spent $0 in advertising (we just put it on this blog & asked five other friends to do the same)...and as of Friday I believe we had 832 people registered!  (I think blogging has MAJOR influence…wouldn’t you agree?)

I didn’t sleep last night—and THIS is a reason why…when we began NewSpring in 2000 we set forth a plan that summer to see something like this take place…BUT we thought we were years and years away from it…and NOW God is making another part of the dream He gave us come true!!!

#4 - Criticism is growing our church.

I had a conversation with a couple today who began coming to NewSpring because they had heard so many bad things about us.  :-)  The man told me, “I was hooked from the first Sunday.”  Isn’t that awesome…people’s criticism drew people to our church.  That is evidence that GOD is HUGE, and can use anything at anytime to further HIS kingdom!  YEAH!!!

When people criticize just ask, “Have you been?”  If they say no then invite them…if they say yes and begin to argue then just say, “So glad you did come…sorry it’s not for you,” and then do not argue with them…it won’t do any good.

By the way…look for another entry in the “Say What” category this week—last week’s got some attention!

OK…two more things…sorry, I am A-D-D…
#1 - Easter is GOING TO ROCK!  

Watch this site and the NewSpring site for Easter service times…trust me…it will be well worth inviting your friends to!!!


I will have to say that May 6th will probably be one of the most off the charts days at NewSpring Church ever—we will be sharing where we are heading over the next several years…DANG!  God has put a vision in our hearts that is HUGE.  Jesus said to whom much is given much is required, well, He has given us SO MUCH…and that means He is expecting SO MUCH MORE!

WOW…I hope I can sleep tonight!