Apr 1, 2009

God ROCKED my world this past February when I traveled to Kenya with a team of people from NewSpring Church to examine a possible partnership with our church and the 410 Bridge.

I’ve always heard that Americans cannot truly understand how blessed they are until seeing a third world country with their own eyes…and now I know that is true!

I still haven’t fully wrapped my mind around that experience…Jesus was so real over there and His voice was so clear.

And it was made so clear to everyone of us who went that our church has been called by Jesus to invest our lives into reaching this country for Christ.

Want to know more?

This Sunday at NewSpring Church I will be sharing the vision for what I believe the Lord wants us to do!  We will be examining the Scriptures to see God’s plan for missions…and how we are called to go “here,” “there” and “everywhere!”

There is nothing that can stand in the way of a church that is DEDICATED to saying to Jesus, “all we have is YOURS…use us to reach the world.”

I am praying we will always be THAT CHURCH!

Sunday will be a day I don’t think we will ever forget!

And Florence…you won’t be seeing this Sunday…but it WILL be seen the week after Easter…and I promise you that it is a GREAT Sunday to invite someone to church who wants to know more about what the vision of our church is!!!!

Hold on to your fork NewSpring!