Something I Wish Every Mother Knew & Understood…

Aug 13, 2012


You don’t see it now…but you are!!!

Every conversation

Every correction

Every single one!

There are days that you sit and wonder “why do I try so hard?”

But deep in your heart you know the answer…because God entrusted you with this child (or these children!)

I am 41 years old and only knew my mother for 12 years (she passed away from cancer in November 1982)

And yet I am IMPACTED by her life even to this very day.

I remember her laughing.

I remember the times we spent together.

I remember the times we rode down the road in the car…and even though we didn’t say anything to each other I thought she was the coolest woman in the world.

Now I never told her that…but it was true then and it is true today!

She took me to church, she taught me God’s Word, she prayed with me at night…and today I firmly believe that I am a child of God and in ministry because of her influence in my life.  (I still have her Bible in my office!)

She passed away before I ever received Christ or preached a sermon.  I’ve had people ask me, “don’t you wish your mom would have gotten to see you preach.”  I always reply, “she did…I know she saw it in her heart and mind.  She prayed for me and did her best to shape me…and it has made a difference!”

Everything she did impacted me and made me a better person…and I only knew her 12 years!!!

Today I have the honor of watching my wife be a mother to our daughter Charisse….

WOW…a mother works SO hard…

There are lunches to make…

Schedules to manage…

Discipline to be administered…

And about a thousand other things as well.

A mothers day is nearly always CONSUMED with activities…and yet, so often at the end of the day a mother can catch herself sitting on the couch wondering, “what exactly did I do today?”

This question comes as the result of maybe feeling like nothing was really accomplished…although you seem completely exhausted.

But something WAS accomplished…

You impacted a life!!!

You communicated to your child that “you matter, you are important…and you are worth the fight!”

They most likely did not thank you for it; after all, there are pirates to be fought and/or princesses to be dressed up…

BUT, I promise, one day they WILL thank you!!!  (Most likely when they have kids of their own!)

Take if from me…a guy who is still to this day being impacted by the love of a mother whom I only knew 12 years…but whose time and efforts invested into me are making a difference in eternity!

Moms—thank you…keep up the great work, what you do matters!!!