Aug 7, 2006

Some Really Cool Things Are Taking Place…

So I didn’t sleep that well last night…too excited about all that is going on!  It felt great to be back yesterday—back at the most awesome church in the world with the best people in the world.  So here is what is going on…

Yesterday we had over 150 people sign up for membership class—combined with the crew we already had signed up that makes over 200 people that will be coming to NewSpring tonight!  I can’t wait!!!  I admit that yesterday I issued a strong challenge—I had to…heaven is too real and hell is too hot for people to just sit around and do nothing.

This morning I get to meet with the most awesome staff on the planet.  I always tell them, “Teamwork makes the dream work!!!”  God has given us a dream to see this community impacted for Christ—and every single staff member is essential to making God’s dream come true!

Oh yeah—BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  On Sunday, September 10th Dr. John Maxwell will be speaking at NewSpring!!!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I would have to say that John has been one of the single most influential people in my life since coming to Christ.  He is one of the best communicators and leaders that I know!  For those of you who do not know him he wrote this book...and this book...and well as a whole list of others.  Make plans to be here…and you had better be here early if you want a seat!

Cool story—I pulled into the parking lot this morning and a dude pulled in behind me.  After the message I preached yesterday I was totally prepared to get jumped…which was fine…I am not a wimpy pastor!  :-)

BUT…the guy got out of his truck, introduced himself and then said, “I go to another church, but I just wanted to meet you, introduce myself, and tell you that I pray for you everyday and that I love what you guys are doing here.”

That might not mean that much to you—but it meant the world to me!!!  Here was a person at another church who was encouraging me.  Folks…I just don’t get a ton of that and when I do I’ve got to hold on to it!!  And hey man, I know you read my blog—you said you did—so thanks, seriously!

Jason Moorhead, our Executive Director of NewSpring ministries did some consulting work this weekend for Gary can read Gary’s thoughts on the experience here.  We are launching NewSpring ministries full blast in January…BUT we are doing some consulting work now.  And please understand this—when we consult we do not come in with all of the questions answered—we come in saying, “Here is a list of the really stupid things we did…”  In other words—we don’t want anyone making some of the same mistakes that we made.  If you are interested in talking with Jason just shoot me an e-mail and we will make sure that he gets in touch with you ASAP.

And if you came to our first network meeting—two things…one—we will be doing a give-a-way this week here on the blog…and two—we will be having another meeting this fall.

One more thing—PRAY that I can get some work done on this book that I am working on…I am excited, but it takes a ton of time!!!

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