Some Random Thoughts And Links

Jan 15, 2010

It’s Friday…my day to be random, so here goes…

#1 - Can’t WAIT for our 10 year anniversary service next Sunday (the 24th) at the BI-LO Center in Greenville.  (Here is more information on it!) PLEASE plan to get their early…we are expecting traffic to be insane!

#2 - Unleash is selling out QUICKLY!  There are less than 400 spots open…so if you are planning on being here you had better purchase your ticket soon!  I am PUMPED about it (BIG SURPRISE!) Go here to sign up!!!

#3 - I’m REALLY honored that Pete Hise, pastor of Quest Community Church, has invited me to speak at “The Uprising” this April.  The early bird rate for this conference ($49) ends today.  Honestly, I am excited about this event because I get to hear Pete (who is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to seeing people meet Christ) and Shaun King (one of the greatest young leaders out there) speak.  I think in my talk I am just going to get up and say, “Do what Pete and Shaun said!”

#4 - This post by Pete Wilson on three questions that will change you is a MUST READ!

#5 - This post by Mark Batterson on, “Be careful little thumbs what you text” is awesome as well!

#6 - Sunday is going to be amazing…praying for and believing that God is going to do HUGE things.  We will be taking a special offering for the relief effort going on in Haiti…so please come prepared to step up and be generous!

#7 - BBQ is going to be served in heaven!!!  (Along with ice cream…and neither will have ANY calories or fat grams!)