Six Ways You Can Pray For Second Chance Church Today

Mar 1, 2019

#1 - That We Will Be A Place Where People Feel Welcomed

Nearly every church on the planet says they are friendly; however, our hearts desire is not to merely say it…but show it by making sure people know we really are excited to see them each and every week.  

(A special “thank you” to our parking team, greeters and ushers for setting the tone in regards to this - y’all are doing an amazing job!)  

#2 - That We Will Have An Incredible Children’s Ministry  

A house is built brick by brick—and it’s the same with our church.  

Because we are a church plant - we had to begin with what we knew we could do well, which is a nursery for babies from 6 weeks up to two years old.  

However, the vision is for us to have a children’s ministry that makes a significant impact on the incredible kids (and their parents) that attend Second Chance.  

And, as we recruit & train volunteers—as well as see our giving increase, we will have what we need to dive into our next step (which is having a fully functioning pre-school ministry each and every Sunday.)  

Here's where you can go if you are interested in being a volunteer!

#3 - That We Will Experience The Presence of God As We Sing This Sunday

I know from personal experience that, as I sing (even if I don’t feel like it) - my receptivity to what God wants to say to me increases exponentially. 

#4 - That The Giving At Our Church Will,Be Generous

I cannot say “thank you” enough to everyone who has given to Second Chance—your generosity has allowed us to move from an iPhone in a living room on Facebook to actually having a physical space where people can gather together every week.  

Here's where you can go if you want to give to Second Chance

#5 - That People Will Clearly Hear God Speak Through His Word This Sunday

If you hear me speak - you might me challenged, or maybe amused—but if we hear God speak, we will be changed!  

#6 - That Second Chance Will Be A Place Where Hurting People Feel Free To Ask For Help…

…without fearing being judged, condemned or throw out.  Pray that people will receive Christ—and those who have done so but maybe walked away (for one reason or another) will find our church to be a safe place to come home as the prodigal son did in Luke 15.  

This coming Sunday we start our new series, “Only God Can Judge Me!”  

Can’t wait!