Six Questions I Try To Keep In Front Of Me - Part Four

Feb 21, 2009

Last post in the series based on II Timothy 2:15…

#6 - Am I Handling God’s Word Correctly?  

”...and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

I take teaching and preaching the Word of God seriously—VERY seriously…every teacher should.

One of the scariest days of my life was one day when I was reading through the book of James and really began to concentrate on James 3:1-12.

BAM…something hit me that day that I had never seen.  I had always used this text to speak to others about the things they say and the way they say them…you know, we’ve all used this text to talk to others about the dangers of mispeaking.

BUT James 3:1 absolutely caught my attention that morning…and I believe in this text that James was specifically speaking to people who preach and teach God’s Word…and how we should take seriously what we say.

We are told flat out that teachers will be judged more seriously (gulp)...and then further instructed to guard the things we teach about and reminded of the influence that we have as teachers (that, once again, we will be held accountable for!)
Maybe it’s just me…but that morning I read through this text I had to do a serious gut check to make sure that I am handling God’s Word in a way that honors Him!
Saying all of that…can’t WAIT to teach tomorrow!!!