Eight Signs Of A Lukewarm Blogger

Dec 22, 2008

This post was inspired by Craig Groeschels post about lukewarm pastors several weeks ago…followed by Los’s post about signs of a lukewarm worship leader. 

#1 - A lukewarm blogger has ZERO original thoughts.  They simply spend their time searching the internet for blogs they disagree with and then attack them.

#2 - A lukewarm blogger hijacks the blogs of other people and uses them as a battleground to attack people and ministries that they do not like.

(It’s crazy…but the nut jobs out there that do this literally have no life.  If you will follow a comment thread it is always two or three people who have a majority of the negative stuff out there…and they reply almost immediately to anyone who comments to them…it’s as if their life revolves around this stuff!  Sad!  I’m afraid most of them may simply need a prescription for Viagra so that something exciting could happen in their life!!!)

#3 - In relation to the last one…a lukewarm blogger will spend hours every week listening to messages online of pastors they do not like or agree with & disect the sermons like crazy.  They will then take one or two minute sections of a sermon and make judgement calls on the pastor and the church based on the sections of the sermons they do not like.

#4 - A lukewarm blogger is always in attack mode.  They claim that they are doing what they are doing out of love for God…but there is no genuine love for others in their tone.  They are always attacking and tearing down people…their criticism is never rooted out of genuine love and concern…but rather hatred and bitterness.

#5 - A lukewarm blogger often disguises himself via random names on comment sections of blogs, ambigious internet sites and anonamyous emails.  They are cowards and would never say to anyone’s face what they type on a keyboard.

#6 - A lukewarm blogger seldom, if every, prays for the people they feel “led” to attack.

#7 - A lukewarm blogger will spend time trying to get others to attack the Christians they disagree with rather than reaching out to those who don’t know Christ.

#8 - A lukewarm blogger is insecure and is always searching the internet for his or her name and to see what others are saying about what they write.