Apr 7, 2008


Let’s talk about sex!

We will this coming Sunday…and the next one as well!

This Sunday we will deal with the dangerous side of sex. Ever been tempted sexually? Uh…the answer is yes, especially if you are a man!!! (Thus we are talking about that in “The Man Series.”)

Next Sunday we will talk about, “What SHE (meaning your wife) wants you to know about sex.” In this message we will be going through the Song of Solomon and…well…you’ll just have to show up and see.

You need to understand that I am not going to play around and mix words. For too long the church has tip toed around a SERIOUS issue that IS destroying lives and marriages…but speakers are afraid to tackle the subject for fear of offending someone.The church SHOULD be WAY more vocal about sex because…well…it was GOD who created sex! Seriously, it wasn’t like He caught Adam & Eve in the act!!! The problem with sex isn’t that it exists…but rather the enemy has taken it and twisted God’s original purpose and design for it.

So…like I said, for the next two Sunday’s we will take a Biblical approach to a subject that is one EVERYONE’S mind. (Why is it that some people think that the church should be a place where we retreat from culture? I would argue that the church should actually be CREATING culture…another post, another time!)

Oh yeah…for the concerned parent of a middle schooler or high schooler…uh, YOU HAD BETTER DEAL WITH THIS!!! I read the other day that the average age for a persons first exposure to pornography is 11. DID YOU SEE THAT? ELEVEN!!! AND…the largest consumer of internet porn are people between the ages of 12 and 17!!!! Kids are being exposed to sexual materials and conversations at a MUCH earlier age!!!

Yet some parents refuse to admit that we live in this type of world and merely bury their flippin’ head in the sand…thinking that by ignoring the issue it will go away. Parents…the messages will not be crude or crass…but an honest, SCRIPTURAL look at what God has to say about the subject—the rights, the wrongs, the good and the bad.

Don’t worry singles…there will be plenty in these talks for you as well. :-) (If you are a single guy…you should show up and take notes like a madman over the next two weeks…seriously!!!)
See you Sunday!

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