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Nov 3, 2005  |  Personal

Random Thought Thursday

Question—is there a radio station out there that actually plays music? Just curious—on my way into the office this morning I scanned through at least 10 stations…and THEY WERE ALL TALKING! Whatever happened to music? (I know, I know, talk radio is catching on—but I am referring to stations that claim they are NOT talk radio.) This sort of reminds me of my post from yesterday—they have forgotten their main idea—to play music…and have began to focus on things that most of them are really not good at. (Sorry I ended in a preposition for all you English scholars out there!)

However—and here is my silver lining in the dark cloud—there was a funny story about a dad who heard a crash in his five year old daughters bedroom. He rushed in to find that a five point white tail deer had came through the window and was going completely bananas trying to figure out how to get out of the room. There you go—life is full of unexpected surprised.

My buddy Gary Lamb made me laugh out loud yesterday with this post—warning—if you love tacky church fall festivals then do not read it—you will be offended; however, if you come from an unchurched background…you will howl!

Yesterday around the office I heard a TON of laughter!!! It was like comedy central around here. It is so nice to work at a place where people are in love with Jesus and they love each other. I can honestly say that I love the people that I serve with—they are all amazing. And we all work hard—but we have fun while doing so! No one around this office looks “saved and mad about it!” Jesus lives in our heart and we have all informed our face of this fact!

This past Sunday we began a series on dating and marriage, you can listen to the message if you missed it here. It was very well received, we had over 4,200 people attend AND we dealt with some tough subjects like listening to bitter people about relationship advice, should a couple live together before getting married, and if a couple REALLY loves each other—is it OK for them to have sex…even if they are not married. These issues are NOT confusing—the Bible is very clear.

AND this week we will continue the series—it is going to be so much fun! The band did an incredible redneck love song last week (“Keep your hands to yourself” by the Georgia Satellites) You will not believe what happens this week! I hope to see you there…and if you live in or near Anderson and you have friends and family members that think church is boring and irrelevant—uh, get them to NewSpring this Sunday!

I don’t know if you have read Rob Bell’s book, “Velvet Elvis,” but if not—it is well worth your time. Warning—it will challenge your thinking in MANY ways…so if you are a closed minded person then save yourself some frustration and stick to “Green Eggs & Ham.”

Check back later today…I may have a big announcement. (NO—Lucretia is NOT pregnant! And I promise that when that does happen—I will not announce it on the internet first!)

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