Pumpkin Spice Latte Evangelism!

Nov 7, 2007

Let me be very clear—99% of the time I have one thing I like at Starbucks—that is a grande, skinny, ice vanilla latte. Sure, I will get regular coffee from there every once in a while—but rarely do I ever stray away from my drink.

So last Friday I was in Atlanta’s airport and found a Starbucks…and I completely intended to order my usual beverage until I saw a sign advertising a pumpkin spice latte. I dismissed it for a second and thought, “no way,” but the more I stared at the picture the better it looked.

THEN the person in front of me ordered one and the barista said, “Mmm, good choice.”

I was in an intense situation…the comfortable and convenient thing to do was for me to go with the familiar, the known—yet from what I had seen and heard I felt intrigued to try something new.

“What can I get you sir?” the barista asked.

I literally stood there for what seemed like several minutes just looking at the picture and wondering until I finally said, “Give me a pumpkin spice latte—IF they’re good.” The dude informed me that I would not be disappointed and rang up my order.

I wrestled with my decision as I waited on my drink to be made…and I literally ALMOST changed my mind, but I held out and the lady who made my drink called out my name. I took the cup in my hand and lifted it to my mouth, not quite knowing what to expect…

IT WAS AWESOME!!! OH MY DANG!!! Quite possibly the BEST coffee drink I have ever put in my mouth. (And that’s saying A LOT!) I think I found every Starbucks that I could over the next several days in my get-a-way and guess what I had…a pumpkin spice latte!!! What I had feared and almost regretted became something that I now love…it just took me being willing to try something new.

Two things contributed to me wanting this product…

The advertisement—the picture for some reason just looked good to me…it made me at least want to know more about the product. As follower of Christ we are called to be a walking advertisement for Him, people should see our lives and at least be interested in what is going on inside of us. (Matthew 5:15-16)

This DOES NOT mean that we have to have it all together all of the time—but as followers of Jesus we are called to live a life that attracts people to Him. I have been wrestling with this question…and it may work for you as well…if my life is a marque for God then what is it saying? (Seriously, ask that question regarding you…and if you are scared to OR you find yourself wanting to say what other’s marque would say…it MIGHT be pride!)

The testimony—when I heard the barista say with confidence that the product was good it made me want it more…his personal testimony about a coffee drink influenced my decision and he didn’t even know I was contemplating a decision like that. If he was that influential in regards to a pumpkin spice latte—just imagine how influential you and I could be in being vocal about Christ.

We can say we are all about “lifestyle evangelism,” but Scripture is clear that people need to hear the message. (Romans 10:14-17)

I am not talking about getting a bullhorn and heading down to the street corner to yell at people, but rather being willing to invite someone to church, sharing with them in confidence that they will like it. I know this made an impact on me at one time…a guy kept inviting me to church…and in doing so he always did it with excitement. I finally went just because he seemed all geeked out about it and the rest in history—JESUS changed my life—ALL because a guy who modeled who Jesus was and spoke with confidence invited me to church.

There are hundreds of people we come across on a daily basis—let’s do all we can today to be the latte in their life by living out Christ in front of them and inviting them to hang out with us this Sunday, wherever that may be…it COULD change their eternity!  (NewSpring—the next several Sunday’s are definitely “get people here” weekends!) :-)