Parents Are Clueless?

Oct 17, 2007

If you have not seen the website then you need to go here right now and check it out (and if you did not see the series promotion video on Sunday—check it out, it’s awesome)...this series is something our church needs…there are “issues” on both sides of the parenting coin. And, like I have said here, those that are non-parents desperately need to check out this series because, it’s not really wise to wait until you are IN a situation to figure out how you are going to deal with it.

We will be covering the following over the few weeks…

Three Crucial Mistakes I Do Not Want To Make As A Parent - I am about four months into my parenting experience…but I served in youth and children’s ministry for nearly a decade before starting NewSpring, and I saw a thing or two that I desperately do not want to do…but they are REALLY easy mistakes to make and, if not careful, I will do exactly what I do not wish to do! AND for non-parents (we all have parents), is there anything I am doing to cause unnecessary stress in the life of my parents?

Four Wishes I Would Make For My Daughter - Let’s say God showed up and offered me four wishes. (Who came up with three wishes anyway?) What, as a parent, should I REALLY wish for? Who does the child really belong to? Why is the child on the planet? What is the biggest lie that parents tell their children that can deviate them from God’s path? AND for non-parents, why do parents seem to push so hard and how in the world do you handle that?

What Happens When A Good Kid Goes Bad - It is completely possible to raise a child in a godly home, loving them unconditionally, taking them to church…and then watch them choose a destructive path that just rips your heart out. What do you do when this happens? Is it your fault? Is Proverbs 22:6 really true? And for non-parents, this weekend could be your story…do you have a fractured relationship with your parents that needs to be healed? You might be surprised at who needs to take the first step!!!

What Is The Best Thing Parents Can Do For Their Kids - This one will be fun. We live in a world that is obsessed with giving kids the best of everything…except in the areas in which it really matters. I have made it a habit of studying successful families since receiving Christ…and ALL of them have some things in common. During this message we will examine what they are—and how the Bible has been saying to do these things all along! AND for non-parents…this will be the message in the series that you do NOT want to miss because, if we align according to the structure set forth in God’s Word—then we can go into marriage and parenting on the right track!

That’s all for now—I can’t give EVERYTHING away! Folks—tell people about the website AND invite them to church this weekend—they will come, I promise—this is a topic that has created a lot of buzz. Get people here…if you tell them we are doing this series…they will come!

Oh yeah—remember for the rest of this month kids get food before the 5:00 service and ice cream afterwards!!! (And you get to sleep in a little on Sunday morning!)