Panama City, Thursday Morning Update—Pictures Included

Jun 15, 2006

We did baptism on the beach this morning…there were 46 teenagers to publicly say right here on the beach in front of everyone, “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!”

Prayer requests for today:

Pray for tonight’s meeting time—that God will continue to move in an incredible way! Last nights meeting was one of the best services I have ever been a part of in the history of my ministry! I am serious! AND—it kept going. I just talked to leaded in the gym who said his guys were up until 1:15 this morning talking about Jesus and praying for one another.

This dude told me that one guy said that he just came down here to prove to his friends that he would come on a beach trip—but then he said, “I am going back a changed person!!!” YEAH!

Pray for the youth leaders—they are TIRED! Please do not ask them how they enjoyed their “vacation” when they get home…they have permission to slap you on the spot if you do that!!! These guys and girls are troopers—they are averaging 4-5 hours of sleep per night…and their attitude has been awesome!

Pray for Jon, Lee, and myself as we drive back to Anderson tonight—that we will be safe! And pray for the rest of the crew to have a safe trip home tomorrow!

I have LOVED being on this trip! Getting to sit around and just spend time with these teens has been priceless! I am SO encouraged about the next generation that will take the reigns of leadership one day at NewSpring! YEAH GOD!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.


Lee & Jon have been leading in some INCREDIBLE worship time!

And these kids have been HUNGRY for Jesus!!!

Alden, Sandy, and myself did baptism on the beach this morning at 8:15!


And the crowd went nuts each time someone was “dunked!” We made some noise on the beach for Jesus. Lots of people make noise down here—BUT WE WERE SOBER when we did it!