Once Upon A Time A Person Was Drowning…

Dec 19, 2014

Once upon a time a man was drowning and was completely unable to save himself…

A boat came along filled with people who were passionate about debating whether or not drowning people were predestined to drown, or whether or not they were drowning because of their choices. 

Another boat came along filled with people who were doing an in depth study on how to help drowning people. 

A third boat came along filled with people who were praying passionately for drowning people.

A fourth boat sailed by, noticed the drowning guy but said, “We love our boat just the way it is. If he came into our boat it would change things, we would have to make adjustments and everybody might not know everybody.” So they kept sailing. 

A fifth boat showed up full of people who yelled at the drowning guy for getting himself into that situation.   

A sixth boat came along and told the drowning man they would love to help him, but they needed him to dry himself off and stop making “all that noise” because it would disrupt the cleanliness of their boat. 

A seventh boat came along, stopped and rescued the man who was drowning. 

Hey NewSpring Church, let’s be the seventh boat and do whatever it takes to get people to a Christmas service – it’s going to be THE BEST ONE EVER!