NewSpring, a Harley & College Football

Aug 13, 2008

So…just wanted to share a few things…

First of all…I believe that the next three Sunday’s at NewSpring are going to be ABSOLUTELY incredible!

I know, I know…I say that all the time…but I believe it as well!!!

This Sunday we will be dealing with the last question in the “You Asked For It” series, “Are We Living In The End Times?” It was, hands down, the most asked question…and I believe that you should do all that we can to get people here who do not know Christ!

Yesterday in our creative planning meeting we were talking about this weekend and I felt led to just stop and pray that people will receive Christ this weekend…Jake prayed…and it was INTENSE in the room.  When we stopped praying there were lots of tears…and the sense of excitement was overwhelming!  So—DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people here on Sunday!!!

Also…we are getting closer and closer to nailing down a place oversees to pour into as far as foreign missions go…I can’t wait to talk about this as the details become more and more clear.

On a personal note…

I’ve heard several people express concerns that I am looking at buying a Harley! Don’t worry! I will be fine! It amazes me that people will claim they believe in the Sovereignty of God…and then freak out because someone wants a motorcycle! :-) I am about 50/50 right now…still not sure whether or not I’m getting one.

AND…football season ISN’T THAT FAR AWAY! THANK YOU JESUS! I am playing playstation like crazy…but I so desperately want to see the real thing.

Questions about the upcoming season…

  • Can UGA really handle that brutal schedule? (If they manage to go undefeated I say just GIVE them the national championship because they will have to be the best football team ever to make it through what they have to do through!)
  • What will South Carolina’s excuse be THIS year? (“The reason we went from #6 to…uh…wait…I can’t seem to find us in the rankings anywhere…is because we…uh…JUST WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!”)
  • Will this be the year Clemson finally wins the ACC Championship? (Please Jesus!!!) I still am thinking a Clemson/UGA national championship would be AWESOME!
  • Why are all the people on ESPN such Clemson haters?
  • Did Lou Holtz REALLY predict Notre Dame to win 10 games?  ESPN should implement a drug policy immediately!!!
  • Will Ohio State choke again in the big game? (Big ten football…what a joke! BTW…big ten conference…you have 11 FLIPPIN’ TEAMS!!!)
  • What will be the first major upset this year? (Anyone remember Apple State & Michigan?)
  • Will the BCS prove once again that it is a HORRIBLE system for determining a national champion? (Yes, it will!!!)