Network Update

Jun 29, 2006

Wow—yesterday’s meeting was awesome!  I would love to say a huge “thanks” to the people who came and were a part of the brainstorming session…your input was priceless.

We are going to begin the network…after what I heard yesterday—it’s needed.  We want to do all that we can to help as many as we can.  I honestly feel that we can protect others from making many of the same mistakes we made.

AND—we can provide a sense of community.  Being a pastor or a church leader is lonely—despite what other people may say.  And the fact is that when you are doing well in a community you are ostracized by most of the pastors there.  I remember John Maxwell saying once, “The fact is that most pastors in your community would rather you run off with your secretary than grow a great church.”

So…to all who came…and to those out there who are interested—we are going to take the lessons we learned yesterday and put a plan together—we will be having another meeting either in August or September for those who want to be a part of the network.

E-mail us if you have any questions about this…and we will get back with you ASAP.