Apr 14, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • I Peter 1:3-4, I am so glad that salvation is a promise and not a “probably!”
  • I Peter 1:13, I need to constantly prepare my minds for action!
  • I Peter 1:18-19, Jesus Christ was the perfect payment for my sins!
  • I Peter 1:24-25, God’s Word will always be!
  • I Peter 2:1, Here are some things I need to constantly make sure are not in my life.
  • I Peter 2:9-10, I am to DECLARE His praises because of all He has done for me…shame on me if I stay quiet.
  • I Peter 2:11-12, I REALLY want to be able to do this!
  • I Peter 2:13, Critics will eventually be silenced not because I respond to them but because I live my life to honor Jesus!
  • I Peter 2:22-25 = THE GOSPEL!  
  • I Peter 3:7, I am to live in such a way that it shows my wife honor!
  • I Peter 3:9, This is tough…but is commanded in Scripture & should be followed.
  • I Peter 3:18 = THE GOSPEL…Jesus paid for my sin…I am not required to pay…I am FREE!
  • I Peter 4:1-2, I am not to live for myself…but rather be passionate for God’s will!
  • I Peter 4:10, Jesus gave me gifts to serve and be a blessing to others…not myself.
  • I Peter 4:11, This verse has brought me much comfort and challenge…God wants His ministers to speak with clarity and confidence.
  • I Peter 4:14, YES!
  • I Peter 5:1-3, I am commanded to lead by allowing Jesus to lead me!
  • I Peter 5:5, I never want to be opposed by God!  (He always wins!)
  • I Peter 5:6-7, I can give Him EVERYTHING!
  • I Peter 5:8-9, This is a promise…the enemy has no hold on me, in Christ I can resist Him!
  • I Peter 5:10, This is a promise as well!
  • I Peter 5:11, YES!

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