Jan 9, 2012

More Spots Open For Unleash…

So, EVERY seat in the main auditorium for our Unleash conference is taken.  (Insert “seat’s taken” voice from Forest Gump here!)

However, once again, we’ve decided to open up 500 seats in our Fuse auditorium for the event because people are already asking to be on a waiting list.  Here are a few things you may need to know about this…

#1 - Our Fuse auditorium is located on our Anderson campus, less than 200 yards away from our main auditorium…so everyone will still be coming to the same location (our Anderson campus) for the conference.

#2 - It will be a video experience!  (Which is especially great if your church is considering doing video campuses.)  If you are in this room you will experience everything live as it is happening next door.  AND…I can promise you it is an amazing experience.

#3 - You will still be attending the breakout sessions AND get a Chic Fil A lunch.

#4 - These seats will sell out fast…and once they are sold we literally have no more room.

#5 - You can go here to register. The cost is $49 per person…which is good until February 9th, after that the price increases to $69 per person.

We’re so excited about this years Unleash.  People are literally going to be attending from all over the world!  We’ve switched up a few things as well…such as a breakout with me, our creative director and our main worship leader where we will be taking questions as to how we plan a service.

It’s going to be a fantastic event…hope to see you here.

(PS - I would register ASAP…like I said, it will sell out…go for it!)

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