Leadership Thoughts From Brian Houston

Aug 25, 2008

Last week I was able to spend some time with Brian Houston and quite a few other incredible leaders…here are some things that really stuck out to me…some are quotes…some are thoughts that I had. (For the record…the quotes from him will actually be in quotes!) :-)

  • He said the most positive change he’s seen in the church in America in the past 20 years is the fact that leaders seem to be more interested in developing relationships with one another.
  • “God has a heart for His house!”
  • “The church should be a place of magnificence and excitement—not something that is moving towards being a remnant.”
  • One of the biggest challenges in leading a church is finding time to be visionary and not focusing on what is already there.
  • Are we becoming who God has called us to be & doing what God called us to do? THIS is what I need to be obsessed with…because in doing so we will reach more people for Christ.
  • “Be patient about planting.”
  • “Our role is to keep lifting the ceiling in people’s lives.”
  • “Our youth group is our biggest nursery for leadership!”
  • “You don’t keep things fresh by organizing them!”
  • “It’s not what people say that you have to worry about - it’s what they say that’s true.”
  • “The devil doesn’t care how big your church is - he cares how influential it is.”
  • He said one of the questions he constantly asks himself is, “Am I being a good steward of the platform God has given me?”
  • “Authenticity is essential to the soul!”
  • “Leadership is proven in the valleys, not at the mountaintop!”