Feb 10, 2009

Kenya Update & Sunday’s Coming…

We’re headed home tomorrow…woo hoo…around 20-25 hours on an airplane and in airports and we will be home!!!  Here are a few thoughts…

  • Yesterday and today absolutely MOVED me like never before.  I saw living conditions that are unimaginable in our country.
  • THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for us…God’s voice has been so clear!  WOW!
  • Today we worshiped with a group of ladies underneath a tree in their village and it was awesome…they kept singing, “Jesus does miracles!!!”  AND…THEY HAVE NOTHING (according to American standards!)  It was MOVING!
  • One of them gave Sherry a necklace…GAVE IT!  It was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen…it made II Corinthians 8 come to life in a way.
  • Sherry cried…a lot!  (I did too!)
  • NewSpring…God has definitely called us to make a difference here…and I believe that God is going to blow our minds with what He is about to do!
  • We can’t do something everywhere…but we MUST do something somewhere…and this place is the somewhere He wants us to focus on!
  • Tonight we are staying in tents in the middle of a wildlife park!
  • I walked outside of my tent a few minutes ago and there was a giraffe about 30 yards from it.  It was SO COOL!!!
  • I can’t wait to get home…Cracker Barrel is on the agenda for dinner!!!

And now about Sunday…

  • The married people are going to be challenged this Sunday (I have been while studying)!!!
  • Singles…trust me…you need to be at this one!  :-)
  • I will talk about Kenya for a few minutes…but not for the entire service.
  • We WILL do a service in which we share the vision of where God has called us to be in Kenya and the details of when we are going soon!
  • The best is yet to come!!!

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