Joyce Meyer - One Of Five Leaders I Would Love To Meet With

Mar 31, 2009

#2 - Joyce Meyer

I personally think that Joyce Meyer is one of the most gifted and generous leaders on the planet today…and there is much I could learn from her.

Seriously, every person I get around who knows her always seem to have the same two things to say…

Number One – she has integrity like no one has ever seen!  (BTW…she was listed by congress as one of the people they were investigating in the religious world as someone who potentially mismanaged their income.  THAT got a lot of attention!  BUT…what didn’t get reported was that she was found to be innocent of any type of financial mishandlings…THAT wasn’t reported!)

Number Two – she is incredibly generous!

I think I could learn a lot from her and would love to know how she developed such a generous spirit…and how she continually walks in integrity.

I know, I know…some of you are FREAKING OUT right now and saying, “But Perry, she’s a woman in the ministry and I don’t agree with…”

Stop it!

AND…I need to say one thing before moving on…I know there are people from various church backgrounds that have a problem with my desire to learn from Joyce…they say women should always be silent in the church and have no right to lead in any capacity whatsoever—which I find incredibly hypocritical.

After all, if it were not for the WOMEN in the church the past 100 years…we would have been screwed.  THEY taught Sunday school, THEY served countless hours, THEY did what no one else was willing to do…while most of the men sat on their “blessed assurance” and did nothing!

Whether you agree with her “calling” or her “theology”...one thing that you cannot disagree with is the fact that Jesus is using her to reach thousands of people…and anyone who is having Kingdom impact is someone I would like to learn from!