Jan 5, 2008  |  Random

It’s Saturday…

And I’m looking forward to Sunday!  (That would be tomorrow!)

We are beginning a brand new series called, “Crank it up” that I think will be one of the most powerful series we have ever done here at NewSpring Church.  In it we will be getting down to the roots of what it means to really meet Christ and maintain a consistent walk with Him.

And…you MIGHT want to get there early as our band will be jamming during the counter.  Seriously, the song tomorrow is going to “melt my face off.”  At least that’s what Lee told me on Thursday.

In other news…Charisse got to attend her first basketball game today.  I am helping coach a girls basketball team in our church and my little girl came to watch.  I love watching her in new environments—she doesn’t miss a thing!

That’s it for now…just felt like blogging!  :-)

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