Jul 31, 2006

Interested In Working At NewSpring?

OK…I am going to make this short and sweet.  :-)  Well…maybe not…

We currently have an opening in our youth ministry area here at NewSpring Church.  This area is experiencing growth…and our teens are the BEST in the entire world—yes, I am biased.

We are looking for someone who would serve in a youth pastor type role.  WAIT…before anyone gets too excited I need to lay out what we are looking for…so here are the qualifications…

#1 - This Person Needs To LOVE Teenagers! 

Let me be very clear here…we are not looking for someone who is merely using youth ministry as a stepping stone, but rather someone who believes in teenagers enough to invest their life into them.

We do not want someone who wants to come here for a year and a half and then move on—but rather someone who has a passion to plant some roots.

#2 - This Person Needs To Be A Dynamic Speaker!

We do two things at NewSpring well, the first being we open God’s Word…and the second is we talk about Jesus!!!

We are looking for someone who can teach teenagers how relevant the Bible is in today’s society.  We do not want a youth ministry merely built on fun and games…I do not want to have our youth kids graduate, go to college, and then be the biggest party people on campus because they were not grounded!

But—in order for kids to understand God’s word it has to be taught well…so…this is a qualification.

#3 - This Person Must Desire To Reach Out!

We are evangelistic at NewSpring—period.  We want to see kids meet Jesus and then introduce their friends to Him.  We do this by creating environments where our teens feel comfortable inviting their lost and unchurched friends to.  In fact—last night we had 10 kids accept Christ at our Middle School service—yeah God!!!

So…saying this as nicely as I can…if you are an inward focused navel gazer…don’t send a resume.  :-)

#4 - This Person Should Not Use This As A Stepping Stone To Planting A Church.  

One of the things I see among youth ministers today is their desire to one day start a church…AND that is NOT a bad thing at all!  However, one of the things we are looking for here is someone who will be willing to dedicate to our kids and our church for the long haul.

So…if you want to plant a church one day…well…do it!!!  What are you waiting for?  BUT—if you want to work with teens and be a PART of our church—then maybe you should pray about this.

#5 - This Person Must Agree With The Vision Of NewSpring.  

We keep it simple—we want to…

  • Engage The Lost
  • Enlarge God’s Kingdom
  • Help People Endure In Their Walk
  • Enable People To Become Everything God Wants Them To Be!

If this can’t be your vision—then this is not the place for you because—it’s NOT CHANGING!  :-)

#6 -This Person Should Have Experience In Leading Youth Ministry.

If you are unemployeed and merely looking for some type of work—stay away!!!

So…if you think you may be interested then you need to do the following things…

#1 - PRAY about it and make sure it is God and not gas!!! Yes, some people get them confused.

#2 - AFTER you have prayed about it…and IF you feel led then e-mail me your resume AND an mp3 of a sermon you have given.  If you do not have an mp3 then you can send us a CD…if you do not have an mp3 or CD then there has been an amazing thing called technology that you should look into!  :-)

Actually—sending a “tape” will be fine as well—BUT we would really prefer an mp3.

Oh yeah—just send it to the e-mail address on this blog…I think it is perryblog@newspring.cc

AND…we will accept all resumes for the next week—and from there we will be in touch with you.

One more thing…I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR TEENS!  You’ve got to understand that I love these guys and gals—they are AWESOME and ON FIRE for Jesus.  I support the youth ministry here at NewSpring 100%...and I want to see this entire community reached for Christ!  That is my heart in a paragraph…so let me hear from you if you are interested.

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