I Used To Think Panic Attacks Were A Joke - Until I Actually Had One!

Jan 31, 2019

I thought people who said they had panic attacks were just making crap up - that they were using it as an excuse or something...

Then I had my first one...

...and I realized they are no joke and can leave a person feeling confused and abandoned (by God and others!)

Anxiety kept me in a prison of shame and silence for years; after all, I felt if I admitted I was battling it - I would be looked down upon (like I had looked down on others!)

However - I’ve learned over the past decade that there is a way to overcome it - that we don’t have to live in the shame of silence anymore.

Which is why I wrote “Overcoming Anxiety” - a 30 day guide to start winning the war against worry!

It all begins with a mindset - and I cover in this book some of the thoughts that have gotten me to a much better place - and I know they will do the same for you.

Anxiety doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you do not love Jesus - it’s real, it’s a battle - but - you CAN overcome!

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