Feb 23, 2012  |  Leadership

I Should Be Concerned About Me If…

#1 - My study of God’s Word/theology are leading me to greater levels of arrogance rather than greater levels of love, care and compassion for other people.  (John 5:39-40!)

#2 - I desire to have conversations about people far from God but actually don’t have a heart to see them converted to Christ.  (As was the case with the disciples when they talked about the guy in John 9:1-2 but didn’t want to talk to him!)

#3 - I secretly rejoice whenever I hear about something bad or unfortunate to someone who I perceive to be more successful than me.

#4 - I always have a bad attitude and when confronted about it I always reply, “that’s just the way I am!”  (See Philippians 2:5…and keep in mind that Paul wrote that sentence from a prison cell!)

#5 - The closer people get to me the less they actually love and respect me.

#6 - I have a much greater passion for the comfortable and secure rather than taking a step of faith and embracing the uncomfortable and unknown.  (As I’ve said before, if we are not willing to embrace the uncomfortable we will eventually be unfaithful.)  See Hebrews 11:6

#7 - Everyone always speaks well of me!  (See Luke 6:26)

#8 - I am tired, exhausted and emotionally spent but refuse to slow down and dismiss what I’m going through as a phase of life and tell those closest to me that “one day it will just get better.”  (Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.)

#9 - I see people who don’t believe exactly like me as somehow being less than me.

#10 - There is something about my private life that, if it became public, would disqualify me from ministry.

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