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Dec 14, 2017

I Just About Gave Up On Weight Loss—BUT Then I Kicked It’s BUTT!!  (And you can too!)

I tried it all...

  • 1,000 calories a day
  • Body for life
  • Protein Power Plan
  • South Beach Diet

It was the same pattern...I would...buy the book, read tons of information (usually way over my head), begin the program, lose some weight and then eventually get frustrated and give up (usually gaining back more than I had lost.  

It took me a LONG TIME to discover I didn't need a new diet, I needed a complete change of my lifestyle.  

So, through a process of study and testing things out on myself, I discovered a process that worked for me (and I know will work for you as well.  

As a result of this process I...

#1 - I feel better

I have way more energy than I had 20 years ago!!!

#2 - I think clearer

Had NO IDEA how much food, nutrition and exercise impacted the way I thought.  And...thinking clearer has allowed me to be way better at the things I know I'm called to do.  

#3 - I look better

I am not ready to model, and there are no Speedo's in my future; however, I haven't weighed this less since 1981.  What has always kicked my butt has now had it's butt kicked by me.  

If I can do it - you can too - you CAN WIN WITH WEIGHT!!  

Go here, click the "buy now" button to make THE BEST $7 investment you've ever made in your health and fitness. 

In this book you will discover... 

  • The spiritual implications for weight loss and nutrition (THIS changed the game for me!)  
  • The benefits of eating right (without having to go on a crazy diet!)  
  • An exercise plan designed to help you lose weight and gain muscle.  


  • Devotionals emailed to you every day for first 10 days
  • And an invitation to join a private Facebook group

We are going to dominate - join this journey with me!  

Go to www.icanwinwithweight.com and click "buy now"  

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