I Bought A Lottery Ticket!

Jan 13, 2016

Come on!!  $1.3 BILLION?!?!  Someone's gotta win it!  :-)

I'm actually not serious - I did not buy A lottery ticket...

I BOUGHT 10!! (Someone's gotta win it!) 

I know, I know - spare me the "gambling" lectures.  I remember when the lottery came to SC, Christians lost their mind and began railing about how the anti-Christ was on his way!  

Is gambling bad?  

Yep...but sex can be as well!!  Do we get rid of that too?  

I've heard the heartbreaking stories of people spending their paycheck on lottery tickets and living in poverty - what people do not understand is the mindset of people who do this - it's not the lottery, it's something deeper, and if they did not have the lottery to blow their money on they would find something else.  

To those who want debate on this (I won't argue - I am way too busy watching to see if I won) I would simply ask you...do you have money in the stock market?  

If so then guess what - you are gambling!!!  

Stop!  It's gambling - you are putting your money into something hoping it will go up - and don't hand me that crap about how it's not a gamble but a sure thing, because I saw people lose their life savings in the recession of 2008!!!  

"But it's pagan money" someone once told me!  

If that's true - then what do we do with the fact that the Israelites plundered the Egyptians in the Exodus - and then used "pagan money" to build the tabernacle!  (The Israelites were slaves, remember!) 

We could go on and on about it - arguing back and forth!  (If churches in SC would have put as much effort into evangelism as they did opposing the lottery we would have a massive revival!). 

I know there are some who will disagree on this with me - and that's awesome, that means you will not be buying any tickets, thus increasing my odds of winning!  :-)

Wanted to go ahead and get this information out there in case I win (somebody's got to) - if this turns out to be sinful and wrong one day then I promise to tell God I'm sorry!  

And...if you think this action will send me to hell then I'll most likely see you there!