I Believe This Will Be An Absolute Game Changer For You!

May 11, 2017

(Before I even get started - this series of coaching videos WILL make a difference in your leadership!)  

The first year NewSpring Church existed our budget was $48,000 (and setting that type of budget was a MAJOR step of faith!)  

Then, in 2001 we (once again, by faith) set a $98,000 budget.  

Later on that same year I attended an event where a consultant/coach was speaking, and I automatically knew I had to have him come and speak to the leaders in our church.  

We did not have an “extra” money just sitting around…

We did not have a “rich person” in the church who could fund things like this…

However, what we did have was a relentless passion to learn as much as possible from people who had actually been successful at what we were trying to accomplish.  

So, after finding out how much he charged we booked him, believing that bringing him in would help us get to the next level as a church…

…we were wrong…


Looking back over 15 years later I still refer often to the lessons this gentleman taught us during the time he came to our church - and am so thankful we made the investment rather than using the “we can’t afford it” excuse.  

Which is why I am sending you this email. 

I know most churches don't just have a pile of money lying around.  Just to let you know - I remember those days VERY well…and how alone and clueless I felt in my personal leadership journey.  

Which is one of THE MAIN REASONS WHY I created these coaching videos—so you could have an affordable, immediately accessible way to have a resource from someone who knows where you are—but believes you can grow beyond there.  

I intentionally priced these videos at $199 because I know, while it’s not cheap, it is an affordable investment in which I believe you will receive back in more ways than you could ever realize.  

You are not alone, you can grow as a leader—and I know these videos will help!  

What you will see in the videos is not just theories I have in regards to leadership development and church growth, but rather ideas and concepts that allowed me to lead NewSpring Church from 15 people in a living room to a church that averaged over 30,000 every weekend.  

Just like I made the investment in the coach so many years ago - I want to challenge you to make the investment in your personal leadership development by purchasing this video curriculum.  There is NO DOUBT in my mind it will help you to lead yourself and your team like never before.  

ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT THING - the early bird price of $199 ends tomorrow (Friday) at midnight (when the price will increase to $249.)  AND…after midnight on Wednesday, May 17 they will no longer be available for sale…so…I would get them ASAP!  

When you purchase you will receive access to over 20 videos, 13 downloadable PDF’s—and the encouragement, hope and instruction you’ve been searching for in your leadership journey.  

Go here to make the investment now - I seriously believe it will help you take a tremendous next step in your leadership journey.