Dec 15, 2005  |  Personal

How’s The Weather Back There?

Hello all—and a HUGE “how’s it going” to my peeps back east. I see on the weather channel that you guys are having some winter weather. And don’t hand me that stuff about enjoying it—if it was snow then MAYBE—but ICE? Seriously!

Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be around 70 degrees out here today…and there is hardly any humidity at all. It’s pretty nice—I think I’m heading down to Starbucks in a minute or two—gotta take advantage of it while I am close to one.

Oh yeah—there is a slight possibility I might get to go up in a helicopter today and fly around LA. That would be AWESOME! I’ve never been in a chopper before!

Tonight I will be speaking at the Dream Center—your prayers would be much appreciated. I will update our travels as interesting things happen!

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