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How To Make Sure You Destroy Your Marriage With An Affair!

hink about it a lot…but don’t confess with anyone you are struggling.
Drop hints, flirt; after all, nothing bad will happen.
Make excuses
When your friends confront you…blow them off for friends who will affirm you.
Make sure to focus on God’s grace…but have nothing to do with repentance.
Ignore any consequences that people warn you about.
Take ZERO responsibility for the condition of your marriage…it is THEIR fault.

#1 - Take absolutely ZERO responsibility for the current condition of your marriage.  Blame everything on your spouse and make sure that you tell only the side of the story to your friends that makes you look good so that they will side with you.

#2 - Speaking of your friends…make sure to surround yourself with people who tell you what you WANT to hear rather than what you NEED to hear.  And if someone calls you out then you’ve GOT to accuse them of turning their back on you!

#3 - Think about having the affair A LOT…think about the other person all of the time and how much fun it would be to be with them.  AND make sure not to EVER confess to your friends that you are struggling in your thought life…completely ignore II Corinthians 10:5!

#4 - Make sure you know all of the verse in the Bible that talk about the grace of God…but also to make sure to completely ignore the ones that command you to repent.

#5 - You’ve GOT to believe that you will be the exception, that there will be zero consequences, that your reputation will not be harmed, that your children will not be impacted and that God’s Kingdom will not receive another black eye.

#6 - Drop hints and flirt with the intended target of your affair…you must put all of your energy in pursuing the other person instead of trying as hard as you can to reconcile and make things right with your spouse.  AND dismiss online flirting and provocative talk as “innocent” and “harmless!”

#7 - Believe the lie that when you get with “that other person” that life will be everything that you hoped it would be…that they will always be perfect and obey your every word and command.  The grass may indeed be greener on the other side…but only because it happens to be over the septic tank!

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