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Sep 2, 2008  |  Discipleship

How Do I Listen To God?  Part One

God is really teaching me some stuff lately…and a lot of what He has been teaching me has to do with listening to His voice.

I often see people stare at me in confussion when I mention hearing the voice of God.  Jesus said in John 10:27 that His sheep KNOW His voice…so, if you are a Christian then hearing the voice of God should not be an abnormal thing…it should be a part of our daily lives.

Saying that…here are a few things the Lord has taught me about how to listen…(and yes, I am using an acrostic.  Dang…has Rick Warren rubbed off on me or what?!?!?!)

L =  Limit Technical Interruptions

Technology is an incredible tool…it allows us quick access to anyone at anytime.

BUT…it can also be one of the most distracting elements of our day.

Recently God taught me a major lesson on this!  Long story short, I felt led to fast, which was scary because, well…I LOVE food!

So…I made arrangements to get away in the mountains for a day so I would not have any temptations (restaurants) around me.

I can honestly say that I heard God SO CLEARLY that day.  I had one of the most intense and incredible quiet times I’ve ever had.  Sermon ideas were flowing like crazy…seriously, I was in a zone.

About 3:00 that afternoon I felt the Lord tell me, “You can get something to eat on your way home.”

I thought that was weird…so I ignored it…but I felt Him keep on telling me it was OK to eat.  SO…I asked Him, “So what about the fast?”  THAT is when HE HIT ME with, “I didn’t want you to get away from food…I wanted you to get away from technology!”

Oh yeah…this would be a great place to mention that at this place in the mountains I had no cell reception…my email didn’t work…I could not twitter…nothing.

It was one of the best days of my life!!!  I need to do WAY more of it.

When was the last time God didn’t have to compete with technology to get your attention?  He showed me that day in the mountains that if I would give Him the attention that I give my gadgets all day long…that I could hear Him so much clearer!!!

(Maybe this is why my computer is breaking down so much lately?)  :-)

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