How Big Is Your God?

Feb 2, 2007

I just received an e-mail from Jason Wilson, our Executive Pastor, that had some stats in it that blew my mind.

Did you know that we have over 250,000 people who live within 15 minutes of our church? If the numbers hold true…then that means that around 130,000 of them DO NOT attend church.

Please get that—130,000 people within 15 minutes of our church are currently going NOWHERE!

That bother me—SERIOUSLY bothers me…and so I have made this decision—we are going to reach them, EVERYONE of them…because they matter to God therefore they should matter to us. HECK YES numbers matter—every single one of those people are GOING to spend eternity somewhere!!!

Some people look at the fact that we are averaging 7,500 every weekend and say, “That church is too big.” I completely disagree…I think our church is WAY TOO SMALL!!! We have 7,500…but we have the potential to reach 130,000…we’ve got a long way to go!!!

Folks—we’re GOING to reach these people. I know some might read this and roll their eyes, saying that I am young and idealistic…and that one day I will calm down and mellow out!


Jesus changed me…and if He did it for me then He can do it for every single person out there who does not know Christ.

We serve an unlimited God…with unlimited passion…who can do so much more than all we could ask or imagine.

The church isn’t being limited because of God…the church is being limited because of a loss of focus and understand of exactly WHO God is and WHAT He is capable of. God isn’t the reason the church is not reaching people—THE CHURCH is the reason!!!

NewSpring…we are going for it! All out! Full tilt boogie! I don’t have time to play games with 130,000 eternities at stake. I don’t have time for a church that is more concerned with worship and fashion styles than they are about people who do not know Christ.

AND…I know that some of you are getting fired up because included in that 130,000 is your best friend, your husband, your dad, your kids…you get the picture.

Understand me…I am CONVINCED that GOD has raised up this church to reach them!!! I do not care about politics…I do not care about Robert’s Rules of Order…I care about people meeting Jesus…and I have said it before…this is JUST the beginning!

What can you do to be a part of this?

#1 - Pray like crazy…seriously, I want you to pray every single day that God will use NewSpring to draw people to Him!!! Pray for people by name. Pray before you get out of the car on Sunday. Pray as a family. Tell people you are praying for them!!!

#2 - Invite people to church EVERY single chance you get. It takes an average of around seven invites before someone will agree to come to church for the first time. That person you keep inviting—don’t give up! That waitress you are going to see this weekend—invite her. The person at the gas station—invite him. The more intentional we are in this area I believe the more we will see God work.

NewSpring—THIS CAN HAPPEN! For those who don’t think it can—HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? My God is capable of WAY more than this!!!

I know what some may be thinking, “How in the world could a church ever be that big & still function?” I don’t know—but we are GOING TO FIND OUT!!! YEAH!

The snow SHOULD be melted by Sunday…so be at church! :-) And don’t forget that if you usually show up at 6:00 to come at 4:15 for this week only!!!

Have an awesome weekend!