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Highway To Hell:  I Wouldn’t Do It Again!

Mar 24, 2016

On Easter weekend in 2009, NewSpring Church received (and STILL receives) a lot of attention because we opened our services with the AC/DC song, "Highway To Hell."  

Honestly, I did not know it was going to create the controversy that it did. Our intention in using the song was to create a moment for unchurched people to let their guard down.  

Since that event, I've been asked about doing the song on numerous occasions and have defended it with passion...up until this point.  

However, just recently someone asked me, "if you had it to go back over and do it again, would you?"  
The more I thought about it and all that took place because of it--my gut honest answer was "no!"  
We all learn from the past--and I learned SUCH a valuable lesson with this one.  

What would I do instead?  

It's simple...we would have actually kicked off the service with "Hells Bells" (also by AC/DC) and allowed the "gong" to set up the song, and then done a mash up of the two songs together for a much better effect.  

Yes, I'm serious!  

We literally had a guy tell us that he decided to give his life to Christ in the service as "Highway to Hell" was being played- that he felt the Lord speak to him and say, "That's the road you are on, and you need to give your life to Me!"  

Just think how much better it could have been!!  :-)  

Hey NewSpring Church - we're NOT doing "Highway To Hell" this Easter at NewSpring- (I know some of you are disappointed) BUT...we are going to have an amazing service...and it's going to open with...wait for it...SOUTHERN GOSPEL (and it's gonna be AMAZING!)  

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring people far from God into a relationship with Jesus, and I believe we are going to see over 500 people pray to receive Christ this weekend!!  

Don't forget to...

1 - Pray (for 500+) salvations!  


3 - Dress "real nice!"  

Can't's gonna be the best Easter ever!