Jan 16, 2011

Hey NewSpring…Let’s Celebrate!

Howdy NewSpring Church!  We’re officially 11 years old today…and I wanted us to celebrate together by taking a look at some quick facts…

  • We began 11 years ago today with 115 people at our first worship service.
  • TODAY we had our largest regular Sunday attendance EVER with 13,695  (ACTUALLY…we had a counting error @ our Anderson campus…the NEW number is 13,837 people, not including our online viewers!)
  • (AND…keep in mind this is a holiday weekend!)
  • Our Columbia campus went over 1,000 today in attendance!
  • Our Charleston campus had nearly 400 people for week two!  (Normally there is a HUGE drop off from week one to week two when a church begins…but our Charleston campus held strong!)
  • Florence has been over 1,000 people for two weeks in a row!
  • Our Greenville campus ALMOST had 2,500 people today (were less than 30 away…come on Greenville…SHATTER IT next week!)
  • Anderson campus was INSANE today, getting close to 9,000 people!
  • MOST IMPORTANT…we saw LOTS of people received Christ today…in fact…
  • Since NewSpring began we’ve seen over 12,000 people trust in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who has served, invited, prayed for and given to this ministry over the past 11 years…together we’ve seen God do AMAZING things!

I’ll write more about this on Tuesday in my weekly letter to the church…I just wanted to get this out there so we can celebrate together what THE LORD is doing!  We are seeing Matthew 16:18 and Ephesians 3:20 come true right before our eyes!  Jesus is doing amazing work among us…and our best days really are yet to come!!!

Oh yeah…and for the record…next week I am preaching what I would consider to be one of the top five most important messages I’ve EVER preached at NewSpring Church…so do whatever it takes to get here (AND bring someone with you…found people find people!)

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