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Apr 1, 2013  |  People

Hey NewSpring Church, Let’s CELEBRATE!

I wanted to take the time to say "thank you" to everyone at NewSpring Church and to celebrate...

  • Because you understand that Found People Find People (and dug ditches/tore holes in roofs!)  
  • Because you demonstrate that Saved People Serve People
  • Because you embrace that Growing People Change
  • Because you believe that We Can't Do Life Alone
  • Because you model that We Can't Out Give God

We were able to see 1,334 people receive Christ into their lives this weekend!!!  

And we had 49,335 people in attendance!!!  (We're halfway to 100K!!!)  

To put that into perspective...

Past Easter attendance...

  • 2009 = 14,662
  • 2010 = 16,456
  • 2011 = 24,286
  • 2012 = 29,163
  • 2013 = 49,335

Jesus Christ died on the cross, paid for our sin, rose from the grave and then commanded His followers to reach the world with the GOOD NEWS (see Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:45-48, John 20:21, Acts 1:8!)  He said that He WOULD build HIS CHURCH (Matthew 16:18) and we are seeing Him do it right in front of our eyes!  

If the world can celebrate temporary things such as academy awards, Super Bowl trophies and buzzer beaters during March Madness then the CHURCH should NOT BE ASHAMED or HOLD BACK when it comes to celebrating what GOD IS DOING!!!  

My prayer is that what we saw happen this weekend will cause our hearts to overflow with thankfulness... and also fill us with a sense of anticipation as we look forward towards what's next!!!  

So, let's celebrate...and then let's GO REACH THE OTHER 50,000!!!   



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