May 4, 2010

Hey NewSpring (and EVERY CHURCH)...Let’s STEP UP and Be The Church…

I just got off the phone with Pete Wilson discussing the flood situation that took place in Nashville this past weekend…

IT’S BAD…really bad, weather experts are calling this a “500 year flood” and it has been reported that this is the wettest May on record in their history…and it’s only May 4th!  (Here is the article that appeared on Fox news this morning about the situation.)  Basically what happened is that Nashville received around 15 inches of rain in a 24 hour period and the rivers could not handle it…and this situation is intense and desperate as MOST people living in that area did NOT have flood insurance.

So…I am asking EVERY person at NewSpring Church (and also asking EVERY person at ANY church) to step up and let’s help Crosspoint (Pete’s church) BE THE CHURCH in a city that is confused, broken and desperate!

Yes, of course, we should pray…I’m not going to deny the importance of prayer in a situation like this; however, I do NOT want the church to use prayer as an excuse for inactivity when the need right in front of us is so intense.

SO…what is their biggest need right now?  You guessed it…CASH!!! They have volunteers…and as of now they have access to supplies.  (Pete will be contacting me later on today or tomorrow if they see they need us to send them supplies of any sort…so check back here to see any updates.)

BUT…let me go back to their biggest need…MONEY!  AND…I am asking every single member and attender of NewSpring Church to step up and make a financial contribution TODAY! We are not going to wait until Sunday to take an offering…THIS BLOG POST is the the offering prep…I can’t wait until Sunday when the need is so intense right now.

What will the money be used for?

  • To help people repair their homes (HUNDREDS of people lost everything!)
  • To purchase equipment to assist with the relief efforts
  • To purchase supplies such as water and food (all but one water treatment plant has been shut down!)
  • To feed people

Those are just SOME of the things…

And let me say this…NewSpring Church, I personally believe in the vision of Crosspoint…and this time is an OUTSTANDING time for them to be salt and light to a community that is probably more open to the Gospel than any other time in that city’s history!

Which is why I am asking everyone of you to make a financial contribution to Crosspoint.  (Here is the link…you can specify “flood relief fund” in the fund section under your donation amount!)  Yes, other organizations are there providing relief…and I’m sure they are great…but here’s reality, once the media disappears from that area…so do MANY of those relief organization.  Pete’s church will STILL BE THERE living among those who are suffering from this tragedy.

It’s time for the church to be the church…so, once again, NewSpring…let’s ALL step up TODAY and give…lets literally overwhelm Crosspoint Church with our generosity and KNOW that in doing so God will use EVERY DIME to PREACH THE GOSPEL to a city that is open to hear it…and because we are generous HIS BRIDE will SHINE and HEAVEN will be MORE CROWDED because God will redeem this tragedy for HIS GLORY!

Once again…here’s the site to go to RIGHT NOW and give…GO FOR IT!

And…church leaders…I am asking you to consider getting involved in this…getting your people mobilized to give and BEING the church…if we ALL RALLY TOGETHER RIGHT NOW the difference Jesus can use us to make will be overwhelming!!!

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