Found People Find People!

Jun 16, 2011

If you get a chance today read Luke 15…all of it.  It’s the only time in the Scriptures that Jesus told three parables in a row about the same exact subject.  Notice a few similarities in all three stories…

#1 – Something was lost.  (We live in a world that is lost, without hope because they do not know Christ.)

#2 – A passive attitude was NOT taken towards what was lost.  In fact, in two of the three stories an all out search took place…and in the third the father was watching for his lost son to come home.  As followers of Jesus what is important to Him MUST be important to us…and Luke 19:10 tells us why He came.  We CANNOT be passive towards people who are far from God.  (Read II Corinthians 5:16-21)

#3 – When what was lost was found a party/celebration took place.  When people receive Christ the church should absolutely LOSE THEIR MINDS!  Someone literally crossed over from death to life!  And…if heaven rejoices when someone meets Jesus then we, as His followers, must learn to do the same.

Found people find people!

It’s sad…but Father’s Day is one of the lowest attended days nationwide in regards to church (and Mother’s Day is one of the highest.)  NewSpring Church…we can NOT be ok with this.  This Sunday is going to be one of the most incredible Sunday’s we’ve ever had…the GOSPEL is going to be presented and lives ARE going to be changed.

So…who are you bringing to church on Sunday?

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