Apr 12, 2017

Five Things That Will Help You Grow Your Church

#1 - Creating a winning culture where your staff and volunteers LOVE to serve.  

#2 - Establishing a 6-12 month strategy that will propel your church forward and make the vision crystal clear for everyone in your church.  

#3 - Developing a crystal clear marketing strategy that will allow you to engage people where they are (on their phone and on their computer.)  

#4 - Establish a preaching calendar that will allow you to build momentum throughout the year and engage people by answering the questions they are really wrestling with.  

#5 - Creating a culture of radical generosity where giving is something people do with excitement.  

If you want to know HOW to do these five things - then join me in San Jose, California on Tuesday, May 23 for a one day leadership intensive hosted by South Bay Church.  

The early bird rate is only $99 and is good until May 5 - then the price goes up to $149.  Here is the link

We are limiting the event to 200 people - and it’s already around 40% full  - so get signed up ASAP and let’s dive into how your church can experience healthy, sustainable growth.  

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