Five Things I Want Everyone At NewSpring To Know!!

Dec 21, 2015

#1 - We had 354 people receive Christ on Sunday!!! I'm STILL celebrating!!!

#2 - Christmas Services are Wednesday and Thursday at 4 & 6pm. I am sure all of us will get something awesome this Christmas...but remember, the ONLY thing we can take to heaven with us is people!!  With that in mind...go for the "Big ASK" and bring someone with you!  

#3 - Church this Sunday (December 27) will be an online only experience--and it's going to be INCREDIBLE.  Beginning at 6am you and your family/friends can have church at any time that day, as the service will be "on demand" on our website!  

#4 - We are over halfway in our "Clemson for Christmas" campaign.  (For those who may be unaware--we are raising three million dollars so we can complete construction on our Clemson campus.)  You can go here for more information.  

#5 - January 3 we are doing a message called, "The Gospel According To YouTube."  If you've ever sat around and laughed at and/or sent out a YouTube clip to someone, you are NOT going to want to miss the first Sunday of the year!