Oct 7, 2011

Five Resources You Need To Check Out

(AND…no one paid for any advertisements in this post.  I endorse things that I use, in other words…I am smokin’ what I’m selling!  Except I am not selling anything…oh well, here we go…)

#1 - Books!!!

#2 - Sermons - Craig Groeschel recently preached a series on the book of Nehemiah that was absolutely amazing, some of his best preaching EVER!!!  Here is their website...or you can go to itunes and download the podcast.  Trust me…listening to this and applying what you hear WILL change YOUR LIFE and the world around you!

#3 - Andy Stanley’s messages on the current condition of our country and the economy were absolutely amazing!!!  The series was called “Recovery Road” and you can view those messages here! Warning…they are some of the most challenging things you will ever listen to!!!

#4 - Reawaken is going to absolutely change lives!!! I honestly believe that one of the KEY INGREDIENTS to a healthy church is a healthy senior pastor!!!

#5 - Unleash is quickly closing in on have 1,000 people registered...it’s going to fill up by December 31, better sign up soon!!!

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