Dec 17, 2012  |  People

Five Important Reminders For Everyone At NewSpring

#1 - Found People Find People - (check out John 1:35-51 & Luke 19:10)

#2 - Every Number Has A Name, Every Name Has A Story And Every Story Matters To God

#3 - Soooooo Many People Are Just One More Invitation Away From Coming To Church And Meeting Jesus.  

#4 - God Was Patient (II Peter 3:9) And Kind (Romans 2:4) When Pursuing Us, May Our Attitudes Be The Same Towards Others.  

#5 - In The Bible God Rewarded The Effort Of People Who Did Whatever It Took To Bring People To Jesus (Mark 2:1-12)...And He Still Does The Same Thing Today (Hebrews 13:8!)  

Let's do this NewSpring Church...Christmas services begin THURSDAY NIGHT (here are the times)...I AM PUMPED!!!  

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