Five Biggest Fears In Association With Preaching On Giving

Aug 9, 2017

Fear #1 – Fear of Man

All too often in ministry (especially when I first began) my fear of man was actually greater than my fear of the Lord…and until this switch was made I never fully committed to the messages I felt He really wanted me to preach.  

Fear #2 – “People Will Leave” 

In ministry all of us say, “I don’t care if people leave…”

And then we freak out when we hear another person/family left our church.  

I’ll go ahead and say it - 99% of the time pastors really do hate it when people leave; however, I can honestly say that teaching on finances (especially when practical help was provided) actually drew more people in than drove them away.  

#3 – Perception

Because of “digital courage” (aka “social media”) pastors really do fear that, if we teach on money, people will begin to criticize the car we drive, the house we live in and the vacations we take.  

However, most of the time when people attack these things they are doing so out of insecurity and, to some extent, ignorance.  We should allow what someone MIGHT say to trump what God has clearly COMMANDED us to say.  

#4 – A Lack of Understanding

I failed to understand for YEARS (until I heard Dave Ramsey speak for the first time) how much the Bible actually had to say about money - and how, if applied, following the Scriptures led to financial freedom…and the ability to be generous in ways I could have never previously imagined.  

#5 – We Fail To See The Real Fight

Paul said in Ephesians 6:12 that the REAL fight we are in is not a physical one, but a spiritual one.  

Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 that money is the #1 competitor for our hearts.  

And Paul said in I Timothy 6:9-10 that the love of money has REALLY hindered so many people in significant ways.  

The reason I know these five reasons so well are - these are the five reasons I gave for not preaching/teaching on money…

And not only did I under serve the people I was called to lead spiritually…but I did not teach them the totality of the Scriptures as the Bible has so much to say about handling our money God’s way.  

Which is why I’ve released a brand new resource through the Growth Company this month on how to develop a generous culture in your church.  

In these videos you will…

  • Hear the story of when I finally realized money is something that should be talking about in church—and what happened as a result.  
  • Hear me walk through each one of these five fears in more details - and how I overcame them (and how YOU can as well!)  
  • How an understanding of the Gospel will unleash generosity in your church unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  
  • Practical tips on being strategic in the development of a generous culture.  

Culture is either what we create or what we allow - and I believe (with an invest of $99) you can begin creating a generous culture in your church.  

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